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Transforming educational materials to open doors for all learners, regardless of visual ability.

Custom Services

Whether it’s creating Braille materials, designing specialized tactile graphics, or developing unique accessibility tools, Seattle Services for the Blind is equipped to innovate and deliver solutions that perfectly align with your personal or organizational needs. Our commitment lies in ensuring that every solution we craft not only addresses specific requirements but also surpasses expectations, truly embodying the spirit of personalized accessibility.

Tactile Graphics

Our Tactile Graphics Production service stands as a beacon of innovation at Seattle Services for the Blind. We bring images, charts, and diagrams to life through touch, enabling individuals with visual impairments to perceive and understand complex visual information such as:

Educational Diagrams and Charts

Illustrations and Graphics

Graphs and Pie Charts

Accessible Documents

Our document accessibility services turn digital files into user-friendly formats for screen reader users. From Microsoft Word to PDFs, we ensure your information is accessible with features like:

Screen Reader Compatibility

Alt Text for Images and Graphs

Easy-to-Navigate Formats

Braille Interlining

Our Braille interlining service provides a seamless layer of Braille text over existing printed materials, offering dual reading experience. It's ideal for organizations aiming to offer accessible documents such as:

Restaurant Menus

Event Programs

Educational Textbooks

Braille Embossing

Our Braille Embossing service ensures that visually impaired individuals can access printed information tactilely. We use advanced embossing techniques to convert text into raised Braille dots, suitable for various types of documents and materials, including:

Textbooks and Documents

Business and Event Materials

Business Cards

Braille Transcription

​Whether for educational materials, professional documents, or personal projects, we provide high-quality Braille transcription! We transform written content into Braille formats, with a precision that ensures inclusivity for all, including:

Unified English Braille (UEB)

Unified Arabic Braille (UAB)

Arabic Braille Code (ABC)

Nemeth Code

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